I guess I was becoming complacent. A state of being that must call the goat gods to arms or at least, to mischief. We are not expecting any baby goats come April and although we will all miss the cuteness and the fun, I won’t miss the constant worry and the sleepless nights I suffer until the last doe has kidded. We have had kids born here for the last 5 years, but I wanted a little break this year, hence my being complacent.

My worries on a typical winter day are pretty standard; who might be shivering and needs a blanket, and getting hay fed before it snows as they tend to waste hay that is snowed on. Relatively mundane livestock concerns. Out of  all the things there are to worry about on a farm full of critters, the following video wasn’t one of them!

Bernard’s Game

Now, as soon as I finished taking this video, I went in to see if I could move the igloo. Certainly he must be jumping up from the igloo. NOT! He jumped onto the igloo in front of me and proceeded to act like his wild counterpart, the Mountain Goat, and climb up the side of the hut… The ‘ways of a goat’ tells me that even if I move the igloo,  he knows how to climb up the sides and he will do so without the boost of starting from the igloo. We can move the panels so he can’t jump over them, but we can’t move the hut away from the outside fence. Now what? Having goats means always trying to stay a step ahead of them and always failing!

Just when I am shaking my head, saying to myself, ‘why do I do this?’, a reminder shows up. I’m glad I looked up to notice it. Complacency is maybe not all it’s cracked up to be.

Weird Sideways Icicles

Sideways Icicles on the Goat Barn


Ask me how I feel about it come May when we have a few llamas due to give birth!