feathers, wings, beaks, talons…

rainbow colors, iridescence, flight… magic.


reflecting light that shimmers and shines with an ethereal beauty…

glimmering and dancing with life.

feathers, nests, eggs & other curiousities

“Your art is to be the praise

of something that you love.

It may only be

the praise of a shell

or a stone.”

–John Ruskin


Garden beauties, native treasures, hidden habitats, tiny worlds, winter’s bones…

all the wonders of the plant world thoughfully observed and passionately painted.


Wild or tame, large or small, furry or sleek, fast or slow, exotic or familiar, covered in fur, feathers or scales…

the animal kingdom is an endlessly fascinating source of inspiration.

the natural world...

“I live my dream: I travel, explore,

and immerse myself in nature.

And out of those experiences comes my art.”


Morning Leaves: Reflections on Loss, Grief, and Connection

by Laing F. Rikkers, paintings by Kelly Leahy Radding

“Morning Leaves is a book of poetry inspired by the loss of Laing’s sister. The writing and the artwork encourage us to connect more deeply to nature, one another, and ourselves.

The book is a secret garden filled with reminders of our humanity and the shared life-force that links us and the natural world. The lush descriptions and exquisite artwork will resonate with something deep and true as you explore and discover your own path.”