Obviously my blogging skills leave much to be desired…!

I am vowing to now work at them a little bit harder. I have been painting steadily since the fiber festivals ended last November, and I actually do have work to show for it! I will try to start posting paintings as I finish them, which could leave some time in between as they do take me a LONG time to finish.

Here is my most recent; finished for my current show Bugs, Birds & Botanicals at the Marlborough Arts Center, Marlborough, CT.

I also did a kid’s coloring sheet for the show; I had a lot of fun creating it. We have lots of events scheduled for the duration of the show all of them relating to our naturalist theme. They are all listed on the website.

Here is a downloadable file for the page; enjoy! If anyone would like their child’s drawing displayed, just send completed sheet to the Marlborough Arts Center at 231 North Main Street, Marlborough, CT.  06447.

BBB Coloring Sheet

Today’s agenda is a drybrush on vellum demo at the Wethersfield Academy for the Arts where I will start teaching either this summer or fall. I will be starting with a Botanical Drawing 1 course.

On the easel is a painting of a raven destined for Birds in Art. I am hoping to complete it and get a painting done of a Barn Owl too. My deadline for entries is April 15th. Somewhere in there I also have to start dyeing yarns for all the Spring Sheep & Wools, starting with April 30th, the CT Sheep & Wool at the Tolland Fairgrounds, Tolland CT.