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After a refreshing January thaw, winter came back with a vengeance! From in the 50’s and pouring rain on Monday, to snow squalls and falling temperatures on Thursday. Friday dawned beautifully blue and sunny, but with biting wind gusts  up to 50mph. I love to watch the affect winter winds have on our snow covered pasture; the blowing snow is quite impressive and makes it feel like you are in the barren arctic tundra.

Kizzie- too embarrassed to show her ears!

Kizzie will still sit out by the goats even in the midst of a snow squall with snow falling as fast as 1″ per hour. I finally got her back in and her big radar ears were covered with snow crystals. She wasn’t too happy to get her picture taken.  It got so cold so fast that the snow went from wet and clumpy on Thursday, to drier than a bone yesterday. When the snow sounds ‘crunchy’ then you know it is COLD!

Today is my first Open Studio at my frame shop/gallery in Marlborough, CT. It would be hard to have an Open Studio at my house with all the dogs, etc. We are also on a private road so I really can’t have people coming & going in deference to my neighbors.

I am ‘done’ with the Eagle Owl painting. I  don’t have to send the real painting off today, so I am sure that I will pick at it even though it is supposed to be finished.


Finished – Maybe…