I am a voracious information junkie – I love to read just about anything – from archeology pieces to zoology stories. In my new schedule I am trying to limit my reading to mornings with my coffee. To keep my finger on the ‘Pulse’ of what is happening if you will.

I come from a family of information sieves – my brother used to spend his summers reading through all of our encyclopedias and our Time Life series books. (Remember those?!).

Our 'Internet' during our childhood.

Our ‘Internet’ during our childhood.

A consequence of his information-soaking summers was that he was a brutal opponent in our family Trivial Pursuit games and I have only beaten him in Scrabble a few times in my lifetime.

My husband is constantly asking me “how did you know that?” and my answer is always “I read it somewhere”. I am a true believer that an artist can never stop learning—ever. Perfecting your chosen technique, learning a new one, reading an article on finding the gravesite of Richard the III and the discovery of a new mammal (the Olinguito).

A brand new mammal found in 'plain site'.

The Olinguito – A brand new mammal found in ‘plain site’.

I believe that all of this information adds to your own life’s experiences and creates a sort of of alphabet soup in your brain that adds richness to your creative endeavors.

I have recently discovered the app Pulse. I have to admit, I am not that savvy about finding new sources of cool things. I have tended to rely on only a few favorite news websites. I follow a few blogs of mostly artists and art marketers, and find other things either by accident or because a friend on Facebook shares something with me. Pulse has changed all that for me. It gathers up all kinds of subjects based upon my own preferences and puts them all into one interface. I am absolutely hooked—yes, line and sinker as well. If you are an information junkie like me, I highly recommend this app and invite you to check it out.

I found this story from DesignTaxi from this morning – a great way to start my day, celebrating just how special our world is and that there is still wonder and awe in this jaded world! (And, ps, it was filmed in one of my favorite places on the planet, Scotland!)

Photographer Maciej Winiarczyk captured two rare celestial events in Caithness, Scotland.

Photographer Maciej Winiarczyk captured two rare celestial events in Caithness, Scotland.