Three generations of ladies enjoying the sunshine!

Spring has sprung at TuckerWoods Farm! Our resident cardinal is wooing his lady friend starting promptly at 6:30am from the tree next to our bedroom window, our resident Carolina wrens are ‘witchity, witchity, witchity-ing’ all over the place and the goats are starting to blow their fleeces. The latter being most unfortunate timing as I am too busy with painting deadlines to stop and start shearing. I am keeping my fingers crossed the fleeces stay relatively okay until I can get them off after my deadlines end 3/25 for this month anyway. The above picture is three generations of goats enjoying the late afternoon sun on a warm 50 degree day this past Sunday. (Starting at far right going clockwise): Lacey, Lacey’s daughter Rosalee, Pearl’s daughter Bianca, and Pearl, Lacey’s daughter. Can you see the family resemblance?!!

On an even “Springier” note; yesterday I met my sisters & niece for our now annual Spring pilgrimage to Smith College for their Spring Bulb Show. All I can say, is “OH, MY GOD!”, which is about what you hear everyone say as soon as they walk in the door to the first greenhouse! Here is a gallery of pics I took for your enjoyment, but I highly encourage you to try and make it there yourself. It really is a magical breath of spring air! We then went to 40 Green Street for lunch, we highly recommend their cider donuts; they tasted just like the ones we used to get as kids during fall cider season. I can also vouch for the Tarte Normande!  And what day in Northampton would be complete without a yarnie trip to WEBS?! We all found a little something to come home with. I managed to get out the door without yarn, but how could I resist the TURQUOISE Namaste Hermosa bag. I must confess I am a bona fide BIG BAG addict. I heartily agree with the reviewer of the link I provided: as a knitter and a “I must have everything with me including a sketch pad” kinda girl, this bag could be just about perfect!

Enjoy! Oh, by the way, I found out last Friday that I have made it into the First Annual ‘Birds in Their Habitat’ Juried Exhibition and Sale to be held Oct 1-3 at the Fairfield, CT Audubon Society. I am very excited about this show; I guess I will be painting lots of birds this summer.

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all photos ©2010 Kelly Leahy Radding