Tag Team


Tag Team
Watercolor on Cowley’s veiny calfskin
16″ x 22″

I had the pleasure of meeting this sibling pair of Harris’s Hawks at a raptor rehabilitation center. Their magnificence inspired me to paint them but at first I wasn’t sure of my composition. I researched the species, discovering that Harris’s Hawks hunt cooperatively in pairs or trios. The hawks surround their prey, flush it for another to catch, or take turns chasing it. I painted the moment the right hand bird was lifting to chase the lure, a second later the other hawk flew after his brother taking his turn ‘tagging’ their prey. They continued in this manner, taking turns going after the lure until their handlers called them back, which they did quite reluctantly. It was a thrill to watch them hunt just as if they were in the wild. The title came easy for this piece, tag team – two or more people working in association toward the same goal, except in this instance two hawks worked together to catch their ‘prey’!


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February 22, 2013


  1. Edward LaCroix

    Greetings Kelly,
    As a lover of all things raptor, I am taken by your portrayal of the Harris’s Hawks. Please provide me with the price of this piece.
    I am also interested in the price of “Raven Greets the Sun.” Wonderful expression on the Raven’s face!
    FYI, I became aware of you via the Cactus Wren-dition. Lovely work.


    -Ed LaCroix

  2. KLR

    Hi Ed,
    Thanks for your kind words – like you I love all things raptor! But I also love all things birds! Ravens fascinate me – “Raven Greets the Sun” sold a few years ago but I have a few more raven paintings floating around in my mind. I think a few of them will come out of there this year!

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