Out of Shadow – Portrait of a Lion

lion, Kelly Leahy Radding, watercolor, vellum

Out of Shadow – Portrait of a Lion

watercolor on vellum
14″ x 10.25″
$3800.00 framed

Sometimes a piece of vellum dictates what it wants to become – and this piece wanted to be a magnificent lion.

I started this portrait on a piece of watercolor paper. After a day of painting it wasn’t working for me. It didn’t seem alive or that it would ever get to that point. So I started looking through my flat files for a suitable piece of vellum, sighing all the way as I knew I was just committing myself to about 30% more painting time!

At the bottom of the drawer I found this piece of vellum and I knew I was in for that whole ‘pound’ of painting.


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September 9, 2016

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