Raven Greets the Sun


Raven Greets the Sun
watercolor on deerskin vellum
11.5”h x 8.5”w


Yellowstone National Park is probably top on my list of favorite places to visit. My fly fisherman husband and I go as often as we are able. We like to do early morning drives to look for wildlife and on one trip pretty much every morning there was a Raven on this burnt snag. One morning, after already dropping my husband off to fish, I came upon the Raven on the snag soaking up the rising sun. It allowed me to photograph the moment, one that I will always treasure.


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February 22, 2013


  1. Katie

    Still think this is the best you have ever done, I am so sorry I do not own it. But I look at your egg everyday and it give me great pleasure.
    I miss seeing you, but living here in Maine fills my heart with happiness, I have found my home.
    You work is amazing I am so glad you are painting, now I need to follow your lead and get back to it after almost 3 years of selling/moving/moving in and getting the land somewhat under control.
    I would love you to come for a visit anytime you want – the studio is big and spare bedroom is ready. Much love Katie

  2. KLR

    Hi Katie,
    i am so glad that Maine has captured you! I miss seeing you too – we have a botanical show traveling up to the Coastal Botanical Gardens in August – I am thinking of attending the opening. Perhaps a visit then?!

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