Downward Fox

fox, silverpoint, drawing


Downward Fox
11” x 14”
Silverpoint & watercolor on Twinrocker handmade paper prepared with casein ground

My best friend and I wanted to see the Andrew Wyeth retrospective at the Brandywine Museum this past September. We decided to do a quick weekend road trip to bird at Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge and then the exhibit and then home. The weather was turning on us and was gray at the Refuge. Towards sunset as we were photographing many waterbirds in the impoundments we saw a young fox come out of the underbrush by the side of the dirt road. We had seen one earlier in the day and thought that this was the same one. Then, too our amazement, another one popped out of the brush and came dashing down the road straight at the other one, play attacking. They tumbled and pawed at each other, looking like puppies or kittens! We figured that they must be siblings, newly on their own, trying to figure out their world. After the sheninigans they both settled down on the road until one of them got up, and did this BIG stretch, forward and backwards, while also yawning away. We felt so privileged that they allowed us a window to their world.



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December 11, 2017

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