Diamond in the Rough

Kelly Leahy Radding, Northern Mockingbird, Diamond in the Rough, caseinDiamond in the Rough
Northern Mockingbird

casein on gessoed panel
8″ x 10″

Mockingbirds seem to be one of those birds that people tend to ‘not see’ or to get overly excited about while birding. I would advise them to just stay a while and listen. This little nondescript gray bird has one of the most extensive song vocabularies in the bird world! Its scientific name, Mimuspolyglottos, means “many-tongued mimic” and it sure does mimic many calls and even sounds.

According to Cornell Lab of Ornithology Northern Mockingbirds continue to add new sounds to their repertoires throughout their lives. A male may learn around 200 songs throughout its life.

For more information about this interesting ‘dull’ bird please visit this link to more information on Cornell’s www.allaboutbirds.org website.

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July 10, 2016

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