Designing Websites and Tulipmania

Designing Websites and Tulipmania


tulips, Wicked Tulip Flower Farm

Website, website, website – can you say website? I have been immersed in redesigning my website for the past month. I have even been waking up thinking about solutions to particular problems. Painting has been put aside for the time being as I felt like I wanted to muscle through to the end. I kept thinking that if I stopped to work on any paintings I wouldn’t want to come back to it. I am thinking that was a good decision as after all these years I do know myself well, but I have been itching to paint.

Last Sunday, I visited Wicked Tulip Flower Farm to pick tulips. I had bought the tickets this past February, this is a very timely event. You go when the tulips are blooming rain or shine. If you are a painter of any kind, the sight of all those tulips makes your heart beat faster. If you happen to be a botanical painter, it is pretty much sensory overload! Faced with a garden bucket full of tulips and a promise to myself not to paint until my website re-design was done, what’s a girl to do? Why, grab my camera and set up photo shoots while the conditions were perfect!

Fire tulip

I have spent the past week in flower photography heaven, alternating with tedious computer time but it has been a very productive week. My website re-design is finished (for the time being) and I have a file full of tulip reference photos. I even have a very exciting idea for a new series of paintings.

To visit my website go to I would love to hear what you think about it. To see my new series you will have to be patient as the idea needs to sit on the back burner and simmer a bit. In the meantime I will be returning to my regularly-scheduled painting project!

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